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We are the nation’s largest provider of mobile vision services.

What we do

Working with OnSight Eyes is:

Convenient – We work with you to schedule a date and a space and help to promote your event.  Our team arrives with board-certified optometrists to conduct screenings right in your workplace. We have conducted exams on the factory floor, in a break room, in a conference room, and even outside!

Productive and Efficient – Employees do not need to leave work to complete eye exams, and are back to work in 30 minutes or less, saving employees and companies productive hours. Bringing healthcare to your workplace saves you time and money. 

Adaptable & Scalable – Whether your company consists of 50 employees, or 50,000, you work on the factory floor or the 51st floor, we can adapt our optometric services to meet the needs of your business. 

Safe – We send limited staff to your facility and follow safety protocols to limit everyone’s risk and exposure to COVID-19.

Enhance your employee experience with professional on-site eye exams at your workplace.

  • A Benefit You Already Offer

OnSight Eyes is a mobile eye care service that uses the vision insurance you already offer to your employees – we also contract directly with employers. Our services include in-office eye exams, eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions, tasteful eyewear selections, regulatory screenings for vision compliance, and prescription safety eyewear.

  • Convenience

We deploy our eye care team to your workplace – serving employers of every size and industry – to make it more convenient for your employees to utilize the great vision benefits your company offers, while never having to leave the office.

  • Improve Employees Health and Saves $$$

Your eyes are windows to your health. Routine eye exams not only keep you seeing clearly but may also help detect more serious medical conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, and even stroke risk. Working with OnSight Eyes and our board-certified optometrists helps keep your employees safe, and employers’ overall health care costs down.

How it works

How It Works For Companies
Step 1: Schedule a quick 15 minute phone call and we’ll walk you through how our on-site optometric service works.
Step 2: Pick a date that  works for your company and reserve an available space. We can set up in conference rooms, break rooms, cafeterias or any 12’x15′ or larger space will work for us. We’re flexible.
Step 3: We create a branded email that includes all the necessary details and sign up information. All you have to do is forward it on to your employees.
For Employees
Step 1: You’ll receive an email from your HR representative that has the proper links to book your OnSight Eyes appointment online.
Step 2: Show up on time to your scheduled appointment at the designated area within your company. Appointments typically last about 30 min.
Step 3: HAVE FUN and LOOK GREAT! We bring the BEST optometrists, friendly helpful technicians, and a fantastic selection of eyewear. We’ll get you back to your desk seeing clearly and looking great.

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As the largest national provider of mobile vision services, OnSight Eyes is always looking to expand its network of optometrists and opticians. Interested in working with us? We’d love to meet you!