Our Story

As the nation’s largest provider of mobile vision services, we’ve learned a lot about the problems relating to eye health across the American Workforce.

The problem of getting people the eye care they need can be solved by bringing the care to them. Instead of your employees struggling to find time within a busy workday to drive or walk halfway across town for an eye appointment, we bring board-certified optometrists, the latest technologies and a great selection of eyewear to the office, providing all the elements of a doctor’s visit right in the workplace.

We’re making it easier for people to take care of their eye health. No travel. No hassle. Really, it’s this simple.

We have straightforward pricing (no hidden charges).  We take your medical and vision insurance. We offer a great selection of affordable eyewear. And, best of all, your team will love the experience.

A study by the Society for Human Resources Management showed that poor vision accounts for over $8B in productivity losses each year. That means about a 5-10% productivity loss in the U.S. annually.

Our Mission

OnSight is out to do nothing less than completely change the way we think about eye examinations and our eye health. We have constructed a suite of services that turns the run-of-the-mill eye doctor appointment into a fun, fast and convenient experience for all our partners and customers. By focusing on this experience and providing the highest level of care and service to our corporate partners and hosts, we aspire to have our events be as memorable as they are effective, leaving our customers feeling confident and seeing clearly.

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We have a nationwide network of licensed optometrists and opticians who perform in-person comprehensive eye examinations on every single patient.